Sandcastle Escape - Alowed a booking and took money for unavailable property

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My attorney here in Texas suggested I contact you for Fla. law and claims. This has been a true nightmare.

On January 1 2011, I and my family started looking for property to rent in Destin Fla. After weeks of looking at Sandcastles Escapes web-site at properties, we decided on the Bon Temp - Crystal Beach property. I looked at the daily rates posted on the rate schedule and found the correct rate for a 3 night stay from March 30 to April 2. After reading the rental agreement and seeing I met all the requirements I booked the property on January 9 2012. The deposit for the property ($493.31) was immediately deducted from my back account, and a rental agreement was send to my email. The next day I receive an email from Debra Premo stating that my reservation for the 3 night stay had been cancelled and that they require a weekly rental during this time frame. I contacted them by phone and ask for an explanation. I was told that it was the peak season and nothing could be done about it. I ask where on the web-site does it state the peak season and why did they even have a daily rate posted for that period. I was told it was in the rental agreement. After reviewing the retail agreement once again it states nothing about what the peak season is. How is a person to know? They took my reservation, my money, sent an agreement, and, per my attorney here in Texas, entered into a contact with me. When my attorney spoke with Taylor Williams, a manager, and explain that Sandcastle Escapes offered a daily rate for that period, took the reservation, my money, delivered an agreement, and that nowhere did the web site or the agreement state when the peak period began and ended. Again he was told that's the way it was and that nothing will be done about it. My attorney asked when my money would be returned to my account so that I may rent another property elsewhere. Mr. Williams state and assured both my attorney and I that my money would be in my account that day, January 11, 2011 or the next January the 12, 2012. As of 9:30 pm January 13, 2012 my money has not been returned to my account, I have lost another property I was it rent. I spoke to a manager name Wes this January 12, 2012 regarding these events. He to stated that they would do nothing and that now my money would take 3 to 5 days to be returned. Furthermore, I was told that they can change anything about the agreement anytime they desire which I take to mean that they care little or nothing for their customers. They simply do what is best for them. I have lost 3 weeks of my time working on this, lost sleep, disappointment to my family, and no property to stay in for our trip, not to mention my money being tied up for a week. First they should have never posted a daily rate on the website for that period if it is not available. Second, they should have never accepted my money and immediately withdrew it from my account if the property was not available. Third, nowhere on the website or rental agreement does it state what exactly and when the peak period is. Fourth, in Debra's email to me she stated that if the property was not rented for a week during March 30 to April 2, I could rent it for a 3 night stay at the daily rate if I wanted which means they do offer a daily rate for that property during that time. I desperately need your help. I have email mails, rental agreements, receipts, and the conversation with my Texas attorney if you need them. Please let me know if you can help in any way.


Jim Hall

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